February 04 2006 15:42 (+ 6 - 7 )
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... keep drawing me back to the memories of Robert's birth and the following couple days in the hospital.

When Robert was brand-new to breathing on his own, his first "morning" started at 9:50 pm. He was too excited about all the new stuff he was experiencing (especially this nursing thing) to sleep. In fact, when we transferred to our room after his birth, he nursed constantly - from 11 pm until 5:30 the next morning... and I dutifully switched sides every 15 minutes, just like I had read over and over that I should. Occasionally, I would fall asleep for 5 or 10 minutes... lulled to sleep by a mix Geof's snoring on the mattress on the floor to the right of my bed and the sheer exhaustion of the previous day. But for the most part, I flipped TV channels until I settled on what I usually do when there's nothing else on - The Food Network.

When Robert finally decided to try out sleeping, it was about 5:30. At 5:45... 5:45 AM... the lab people came in to draw my blood. 6:00 drew the nurse to check on Robert and take my temperature. 6:30 brought breakfast. And so on - throughout the day. When I got a break in the action, Robert woke up and wanted to eat or be changed or just stare at me. At some point, Geof left to go home and get a shower, write that Sunday's sermon, take home the snow suit (it was in the 50s in February in South Dakota!), and I was afraid to try and get some sleep because Robert was awake and I was sure I would drop him. I made a few phone calls to the people that you don't want to call at midnight to let them know the baby was indeed live and well and living among us. But for the most part, I just stared at The Food Network (thankfully, the hospital food was really good... so it wasn't just self-torture).

Seeing as Robert was born on the Thursday before Valentine's Day (a Monday last year), The Food Network was doing their weekend of all chocolate cooking shows. Even if there wasn't any chocolate to be eaten right then, somehow it was comforting to have all-chocolate-all-the-time playing in the background.

Now, I sit here nursing Robert - some days seem like that's all I do for hours on hours - while he sleeps peacefully on my lap. I'm in a green burlap armchair... not a hospital bed. And I'm not as tired as I was that night (or if I am, I've just grown accustomed to it). There's not much on TV right now, so The Food Network is playing in the background while I learn about chilis. And then... then... the commercial for next weekend's all-chocolate-all-the-time programming before Valentine's Day. I have a feeling Robert and I will be camping out in the chair for awhile next Friday - for old time's sake.

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Geoffrey [ ] February 05 2006 09:05
Mama always said, "Life is like a box of 'chok-lates.'"

Heather [() ] February 09 2006 21:08
I can't believe that he is a year already!!!!! Time just goes so fast. I look at my son and can't believe that we are approaching the 8 month mark already. I want my baby to stay little awhile longer...though I would like to get more sleep. I wish your little boy God's richest Blessings on his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! May he continue to grow in God's love and care.

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