February 10 2006 22:53 (+ 9 - 7 )
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At 6:35 today, we were sitting at Saturn for an oil change. I looked at Geof and said, "I was pushing right now."

At around 8:00, I looked at him and said, "Still pushing."

I could have kept that up until 9:50 - but I decided to save that for Robert's teenage tantrum days. Something to hold over him =)

Today was supposed to be a quick morning into Salem for a weigh in, and then dropping off thank-you cup cakes there, at his doctor's office in Sioux Falls, and at the Women's Center at the hospital. However, being a pastor's wife has taught me once again that all plans must be flexible.

So that quick trip turned into a long day with lots of driving (and Robert, therefore, sleeping - which is why he's still up now). Geof had a hospital visit in one of the smaller towns - that of course isn't near anywhere we were supposed to be. We needed to be in Sioux Falls by noon (our doctor and her nurse have a half-day in the office on Fridays). So Robert and I dropped Geof off at the smaller hospital, and we headed into Sioux Falls for the office and the hospital. The weather turned windy and snowy, so it took longer to get back to pick "Daddy" up. But we made it back, and then headed out to Salem for Robert's weigh in. He came in on his usual curve (just under 50th percentile - 20 lbs 12 oz and 28.5-29" long). We had a nice visit with Nurse Kathy, too.

Then we went to Sioux Falls, stopped at Famous Dave's for "linner" where Robert had his first taste of ice cream - free for his birthday (he wasn't impressed... if it wasn't for that 3.5 hours of pushing thing, I would doubt whether he really is my son! =) ). Then it was off to Sears for his 12 month photos - I'll post a link to those tomorrow.

We stopped at Once Upon A Child for an old school bath ring, then to the party store for balloons =) Next was Saturn for the oil change, Sturdevants for wiper blades, and Cold Stone for Robert's birthday club ice cream (it's free and for all ages - sign up at coldstone.com). We stopped in the local wine store after that and headed home.

Robert opened a few of his presents and cards... had a blast with the tissue paper (we'll be finding shreds for weeks). We were looking for the "blank" tape to record some stuff, only to find it was the tape with his first minutes on it (and baptism, trip to see my Busia, and a little more). Thankfully it was write-protected and we checked first, so that tape has now been emptied on to a VHS tape and we can use the camcorder tape tomorrow. I know it had to be done at some point, but it scares me to tape over that little tape. What if something happens to the big one?

Anyway, getting back on topic. We stopped with presents for the night when he needed to get ready for bed, so we'll tape those tomorrow, as well as his party and messy cup cakey self =)

Happy Birthday, little man!

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Granpa [ ] February 11 2006 06:13
a very Happy and Bleesed Birthday, Robert.

oma [() ] February 11 2006 08:37
Happy Birthday Robert,
one whole year, it does not seem possible.
Am looking forward to hearing your sweet voice soon again!
have a wonderful day today...........
and tomorrow..........
every day!!!!! Love you........Oma

Busia [() ] February 11 2006 17:25
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthdy dear Robert
Happy first birthday to you!
Love, Busia (angel)

Leanne [() ] February 11 2006 22:51
Happy Birthday Robert, the big 0-1!!!! :-D
Wishing you another year full of new discoveries and excitement!

Heather [() ] February 14 2006 21:20
First of all Happy Birthday to you Robet. To Gen I can comiserate-2 hours and 40 minutes of that joy of pushing. And I would do it all again in a heartbeat for him. It's amazing what love will make you do.

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