February 17 2006 17:43 (+ 7 - 6 )
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This turning one thing has been a big deal for Robert! On the 15th he started walking well (he had just taken his first step on the 10th, now he walks all over his play area in the house - 10 steps or so at a time and back and forth all. day. long.).

Robert also said his first word the other day (15th again). By first word, he has said many words before... but this is the first word that he says continuously whenever he looks at the same thing and repeats it clearly when you say it first.

It is...


There's a picture of a baby on his balloon from his birthday. So every time he looks over at the balloon, he says baby. I was trying to figure out where he got it from, because I didn't think we said it to him that much. But as I was (finally... bad mom) catching up on his baby book this afternoon, I was recording the titles of his favorite books: Baby Duck and the Cozy Blanket and Let's Play, Baby. So, I guess we DO say it to him a lot =)

It's SO CUTE to hear him say it, too! He gets this big smile on his face and he gets quiet and says it.

No, really... I love him!

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Matthew [() ] February 21 2006 22:54
I can't believe your kid talked before my kid!!! I don't know if we can be friends anymore! - but mine was walking by 11 months so HA. :-) Congrats, Robert, on all your wonderful accomplishments.

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