March 02 2006 22:13 (+ 5 - 3 )
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After doing the dinner dishes, I came into the livingroom where Geof was rough-housing with Robert. Robert would laugh and laugh, at one point, Geof was on his knees right in front of the couch and tossing Robert against the back... where he would then bounce on the seat and back to Geof. My goodness, Robert was having so much fun! After Geof stopped, Robert kinda wobbled around for a little bit - dizzy from all the fun. He started taking the cushions off the couch to climb up (something we're trying to break him of) and Geof said, "Are you ready to go to bed?" Robert looked at him and started his "na na na" babble (which we think means night night - he has made that sound as he gets tired since he was about 5 months old). So Geof said, "Okay, lets go to bed!" and he picked Robert up and started to take him. At first, I protested a little because I hadn't nursed him in a few hours and I usually nurse him to sleep, but I said, "No, go ahead and try - but don't force it. If he fusses, bring him back and I'll nurse him to sleep." I told Robert I loved him and Geof took him down the hall.

Geof put Robert in the crib, ROBERT LAID DOWN BY HIMSELF, Geof patted his back for a few seconds, Robert grunted once, and Geof walked out of the room and closed the door. THAT'S IT! That was probably 30 minutes ago and not a peep.

Other than the fact that I'm scrambling to remember where all my pump parts are should I need them, I'm floored! This is soooo cool! I'll update tomorrow with how long it lasted!

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Kelli [() ] March 02 2006 22:50
Hopefully the night goes well for all of you. If this becomes rotine it will be great for your sleep time but I'm sure you are going to miss nursing him to sleep. It is hard to believe how fast they grow up.

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