March 08 2006 23:02 (+ 4 - 5 )
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I think I'm finally willing to say that Robert is sleeping well on a regular basis. It was a long time in coming (we've been working on this since he was about 8-9 months old), but he is really sleeping "through the night" now. Technically, if a baby is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches, that is considered through the night, but Robert is sleeping through the night in the sense that most people think.

Last night was his best night yet. He was getting cranky early - like 7:30. He refused to take a second nap yesterday (he usually takes 2 short or 1 long nap - and only had 1 very short nap), so Geof took him to his crib by 8:00. He woke up around 9:30, but Geof got him back to sleep in a matter of about a minute. He woke up again around 4:30, and once again Geof had him back asleep in less than 2 minutes. I woke up for good when Geof's alarm went off at 7:30, and Robert woke up shortly after that - most likely because he heard our bedroom door squeek open.

Tonight we had Lent service at night. He was starting to get a little nuts afterwards at the snack ("lunch") time, so I reminded Geof that I had a pair of PJs and a clean diaper in the diaper bag, and we changed him for bed and went home. He was snoring before we turned into our town (about 6 miles), and when we got home (around 8:45 - give or take), Geof took him right back to his crib and he went to sleep.


He has not-so-gradually moved his own bedtime up. He used to *finally* fall asleep by 11, sometimes 10:30. The first time Geof put him to sleep without me nursing him to sleep... 9:45. Then 9:30. Then 9:15. Yesterday... 8:00. Today, we had him ready for bed by 8:30, and would have had him in bed earlier if we were home. This is SO nice!

Just pray it keeps up!

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Heather [() ] March 09 2006 19:00
I am happy you are getting sleep. I have been very blessed that Patrick set his own bedtime at 7 pm-but we are up by 6:30 'cause mommy has to go to work. Which means he's also up early on Saturday and Sunday. I guess it is true what they can't have it all:-)

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