March 10 2006 22:37 (+ 4 - 6 )
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I used to say Robert will eat just about anything... except bananas.

Now... he eats just about anything!

For the longest time, he reacted to bananas like we were trying to kill him. The Florida grandparents and aunt/uncle can attest to that first hand. But he seemed interested in my banana yesterday, so I held it out to him and he took a bite. Then he started doing his, "ma... ma... ma..." routine (which we still don't know if it means "more" or if, like I think, anything food is mama, and anything fun is dada). So I let him take another bite... and another. He ate half my banana! So I got smart and brought him his own (small) banana with lunch. I broke it into 3 pieces length wise and gave him a piece at a time - and he ate the WHOLE thing!

He also ate some of my grouper for dinner. Which makes me think he probably just didn't like the way the salmon was prepared the time we tried it with him. We'll have salmon again soon - we just got some more on Monday. We'll try again and see what happens!

He has figured out how to get up on the couch by himself. He usually runs back and forth on it, but occasionally sits down for a little rest...
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Brandi Todaro [() ] March 11 2006 23:02
He is just the little man of the house. He is growing up way too fast.....but he still is the cutest thing ever.

Jeri [() ] March 11 2006 23:03
What a handsome young man. Thank you for sharing and congrats on "Zy" I remember when my friend from highschool let me know she was pregnant with her first. I was over for dinner and her husband put his hand on her tummy and said "Its Shake n Bake, An' I hepped"

Prayerfullly yours,

Heather [() ] March 16 2006 20:08
You wonder what makes them like one thing and not another-then turn around and eat it 2 weeks later. My little stinker loves "mushed" carrots but won't eat cooked ones in peices. I thought he'd love them since he is so into feeding himself. Go figure:-)

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