March 13 2006 15:25 (+ 7 - 2 )
posted by (gen_here)

This boy is driving us crazy today! He didn't sleep well yesterday. He was up early today. I had to lay down with him at 11 to get him to take a nap (after he threw fits in his crib and was "penned" in his exersaucer over and over again for getting into stuff he's not supposed to be in). He woke up after noon in a pissy mood. He ate some lunch and did okay leaving the house to go with us for Geof's haircut. But now we're home and he's nuts again. Geof put him down in his crib, where he'll sleep for about 10-15 minutes and then wake up screaming.

There are no teeth under the surface of his gums, no weird loose threads wrapped around toes, his belly is full, his diaper is dry. HE'S JUST CRAZY... and he's dragging us with him.

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Heather [() ] March 16 2006 20:10
Been there-done that-I'll let you borrow the T-shirt!!!! Of course, my son is a perfect angel for the sitter-at home he really lets loose.

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