March 26 2006 21:47 (+ 6 - 5 )
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Robert can now slide backward off the couch... rather than climbing up and crying until I take him down.

I started making some curtains for Robert's room today (but I'm out of white thread - will finish tomorrow). Hopefully they will help him sleep later than the farmers. I clipped them up with clothespins for the night to give them a test run.

There were other "new things" that I was going to post, but my brain is tired right now. I'll jot them down as I think of them and update again in a day or so.

He was SO cranky today. When he first got up, I nursed him and then he started getting a little whiney. Not normal for him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and leaned back - just in time, too - because he threw up all over himself, me, the sheets... so fun. So he got a quick bath, we got ready for church, and settled into the green chair for awhile until Geof got back from first service. He slept for a good hour. He's been sleeping off and on throughout the day - not even all that interested in eating at the church dinner (not typical of Robert). Finally, he seemed to get hungry and eat a good amount this evening (some wagon wheels, a jar of organic pears/blueberries, a jar of organic apples/mango/kiwi, a little of my soup, and some taco meat. Then he seemed really tired, so I got him ready for bed, we all said prayers, and Geof put him in the crib... where he fell instantly asleep.

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Geoffrey [() (link)] March 27 2006 23:20
...and all was right with the world.

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