April 01 2006 00:52 (+ 9 - 4 )
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Robert has been eating us out of house and home (again). I still have no idea where he puts it all. I'm just assuming that he's going through a growth spurt - because that's the only sensible option I can think of.

One of the things I wanted to mention the other day and couldn't remember at the time... he now knows how to turn light switchs on and off. He gets pretty offended if you do it when you're carrying him, because, really, he could have done that for you!

He's also starting to recognize what things are and follow some VERY basic commands. Like, earlier today we were playing with the lid of his shape sorter and a few of the shapes. I would show him where to put the circle shape, and he would do it. Then I'd show him where to put the start. Or he left his juice on the other side of the room, and I said, "Robert, where's your juice?" He slid off my lap and walked across the room, picked up his sippy cup and brought it to me. When we were playing later on, I said, "Where's your truck?" He walked over to his truck, picked it up by the handle, and brought it back to me!

He also knows the difference between things if you tell him first. He was sitting in his exersaucer for his snack this afternoon (graham cracker and raisins), and he found a noodle somewhere. He tore the noodle into different pieces, but since it was from the day before, I didn't want him to eat it. So I said, "Robert, may I have the noodle?" and held out my hand. He picked up part of the noodle and put it in my palm. Then he picked up a raisin and started to put it in my hand, smiled, and put it in his mouth. Then another noodle piece went into my palm. Raisin to his mouth, noodle to my hand, until all the noodles were in my hand. Then he had this big "look what I just did" smile on his face!

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Brandi Todaro [() ] April 03 2006 12:03
He is getting so smart. Robert is reminding me of the little girl named Alana that I watched in the nursery yesterday at church. She is so smart and she made me realize that with each generation the children are getting smarter. I mean she is not even 2 and she can name like every animal and put the sound with it. This is a little scary if you think about it. But I hope Robert keeps showing us how smart he really is. He knows more than we think he does. Well, I hope to talk to y'all later.


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