April 10 2006 14:46 (+ 6 - 6 )
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I think of things to update when I'm away from the computer, and then when I'm here - I forget what they were. So, lets see...

Robert is getting very good at following short orders - like asking him to "turn off the music" (his crib aquarium) when we leave the room, or asking him to come to me or get his sippy cup.

He's still charming just about anyone who will look at him - including the seniors at Nutrition when we worked last week. He went with our neighbor, Bud, a couple days ago when he and I went to visit the neighbors on a walk. I stayed in talking with Aryss, and Robert and Bud went out to the swings in the backyard for a good while.

He is walking SO well! He walked all over the parking lot/grass at church last week during the LWML meeting, and he'll even do stairs standing upright if you hold his hands... including going down facing forward.

Robert has started to get kind of "hitty" - he used to just throw his tantrums on the floor when he got upset or didn't get his way. Now he has been hitting my arms/face if I'm holding him - and I think he got Geof once earlier, too. We don't laugh at it - we don't think it's funny. We hold his arms down until he calms himself, but sometimes even that doesn't work and he's at it again as soon as we let go. In those cases, he gets set down on the floor/in his crib and we walk away for a couple minutes.

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Heather [() ] April 18 2006 12:35
It's a normal stage. You are doing the best thing by not making a big deal over it. If you were to yell or hit back it would increase the occurances. They love "our" reactions to things even if they are negative. It will probably escalate before it gets better-more words (on his part) and maturity, and realizing that it doesn't get him what he wants will make it go away. Until then-lots of patience.

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