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Throw in a vacation with lots of driving time and a sore/exhausted mama... you get little info posted. But here's an update on the last few weeks...

On Monday, April 17th, Robert finally figured out how to drink from a straw. Now he wants to drink whatever you're drinking if it has a straw in it.

Mr. Mobility likes to run and climb, and the last couple days here in SD have been not so great for outside play with rain. So he's getting me to climb instead... climb the walls that is. He's in to EVERYTHING in his play area (half of our livingroom) that he shouldn't be into... Daddy's Playstation stuff, CDs, tearing up napkins. He can now climb on the chair and couch without taking cusions off... so he's able to reach things he wasn't able to before. So major childproofing needs to re-happen. Right now he's in his crib with a lot of toys to give me a break from pulling him off of things he should be in/on. His main mode of transportation right now is walking - say goodbye to the crawling days.

While on vacation, he got to meet Hannah, Auntie Ali and Uncle Paul's baby girl. It was an interesting time for me because I got to see how 14 month old Robert interacted with newborn baby. He did REALLY well. He didn't try and poke out her eyes (my biggest fear), and he was "gentle" with her (which he learned from being around Patches... any time you say "gentle" he starts patting the thing/person in question with his hand). We have a cute picture of him trying to peer over the edge of her crib to watch her sleep. And he didn't freak out when I held her, either.

More later - he wants to be released from "prison" =)

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Auntie Ali [ ] May 03 2006 07:18
We LOVED having Robert visit with Hannah. He was so cute around her and will do great when it is his turn to be a big brother.

Brandi [() ] May 06 2006 23:05
This was suposed to go on Zy's page, but it wouldn't let me post it.

I know you probably already know this, but I was reading something the other day about bananas and it said that if pregnant women eat them everyday then there should be a lot less morning sickness. I don't know if you have tried it or not, but if you havn't try it and see. I hope you don't start having and sickness at all. Well, I hope everything is going well with everyone. I hope to talk/see y'all soon.

Geoffrey [() (link)] May 07 2006 06:43
^^ Whoops...I put a ) in a place I should have put a }. Fixed!

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