May 07 2006 21:26 (+ 6 - 5 )
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Poor Robert! He has been SUCH a good teether for the most part - maybe a little fussy for a day, but that's it.

Then came molar #2

I didn't even know molar #1 (top left) came in. He was sticking his finger back there to chew on - or a straw - but whenever I felt, I didn't even feel a bump. Then on Thursday (5/4), we were at LMWL and I was letting him chew on my finger - and there was a tooth! It wasn't until the next day that I noticed a 3rd point breaking through behind "that tooth" - so I found out it was a molar - not just a regular tooth.

So I decided to feel on the other side, and there is a HUGE, swolen bump on the upper gum. That was Friday. Luckily, we had the baby motrin with us, so he got a dose of that at 10:30 when he still didn't want to go to sleep (I don't blame him - I can't sleep when I'm in pain, either)... and he was out in a few minutes. Saturday, another dose at 10 pm, followed by a pedialite popsicle to chill those poor gums. Today... he's only happy with something in his mouth or while he's sleeping. I tried a frozen teether in the morning, and he happily munched on some of the hardest graham crackers I've even seen. He got a couple doses of motrin, as well as a dose of the homeopathic teething tablets this morning when I couldn't find the dosage syringe for the motrin. We had another popsicle this evening... and it only took an hour and a half to get him to sleep... a half hour past bedtime.

I just feel bad for him. Yeah - it's annoying, but I'd be pretty fussy if I had half a gum ball with sharp points trying to break its way through my gums, too.

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