May 08 2006 21:13 (+ 9 - 6 )
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Okay, Robert had the first appointment - he's doing great (not that I doubted).

He lost a pound with all his running around, but none of us are worried about it because you can't keep food in front of the boy (it goes right in his mouth - he eats everything except salmon and strawberries!) So his stats:

Heart rate: 100 bpm
Head: 18.75 inches
Length: 30.5 inches
Weight: 20 pounds, 12 ounces

Otherwise, healthy as a horse. Dr. Peters got to see him running everywhere at the LWML convention, so she knows his mobility is fine. He's talking a little (and signing) - so she's fine with his development, too. And before we left, he got a book from nurse Kathy, too - five little monkeys jumping on the bed - and a stuffed duck from the receptionist ladies that keeps saying "Aflac" =) Next appointment isn't until 24 months.

As for his molars, the offending "bubble" seems to be gone and I see three little points sticking through his gums. So hopefully the worst (for him and us) is over!

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Grandpa [ ] May 09 2006 03:21
No Salmon????? C'mon Robert, Oma makes a great Salmon filet that Grandpa gets to BBQ.

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