June 27 2006 20:51 (+ 8 - 5 )
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Tooth 11 (Robert's lower left molar) is finally all the way in, and there's a HUGE bump in his mouth where the lower right one is coming in. I'm hoping that's why he's been psycho baby again today.

We got him a kiddie pool for the backyard. He's really funny in that he doesn't want to sit in the water... unless daddy's holding him down and "swishing" him back and forth. He likes to do that in the bathtub, too, if we don't have him in his bath ring.

He now knows most of his body parts (that we've covered... eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, toes, feet, hands... sometimes fingers and hair). He still gets a little confused as to what belongs to him, though (like, we'll ask him, "Where's your nose" - and he might point to daddy's nose) - but he get's the right part.

He has a few new words, too... but right now the only one I'm remembering is "shoe." We're also re-teaching "baby" by pointing out babies on TV or in pictures, as well as pointing to my belly. *Edit to add - tickle is a new one, too - end edit*

He's also been eating up a storm again. He's got a little bit more baby chub on him (we can't currently count his ribs... thank goodness). But that usually just means that he's gearing up to grow another few inches. He's still falling out of his swim trunks =)

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Brandi Todaro [ (link)] June 28 2006 14:17
Well I know y'all are sorta worried about how he is going to react with the new baby when it (he/she) arrives. I have seen people with kids Roberts age having a baby and they say that you could get Robert a baby doll ( I know it is weird for a boy) so he can learn what a baby is and how he should be gentle and nice to it. I mean it is good for him in learning what a baby is. Plus I just think it would be too cute to see him hold a lil baby. Well, hope everything is going well.

Genevieve (Mama) [() (link)] June 28 2006 19:37
I'm actually planning on getting him a baby that we'll bring home from the hospital for him... his own baby. I was thinking a CPK, but I haven't found a little boy one. One of my friends suggested checking Toys R Us for boy dolls, so I'll do that on one of my trips to the city without R.

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