July 20 2006 00:29 (+ 6 - 5 )
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I never did a 17 month post (but did take some photos... so I'll get those up soon). So I thought I'd take a minute to update while I'm having trouble sleeping.

Robert has weaned. I'm pretty sure at least. It has been 8-10 days since he last nursed. He was down to just once in the morning when he first got up, and I've been dry (thanks to pregnancy) for a couple months now. Then he just decided he was done, I guess. One day he nursed, the next day he would try and pinch my nipple or push it like and elevator button... or bury his face in my breast and giggle. Then on Monday night/Tuesday morning when he had (we now know) an awful stomach ache, I pulled him into bed with us. I'm at the point of pregnancy where turning over in bed takes a little extra effort, so I don't sleep in a t-shirt anymore. He had all-night access and he wasn't interested at all - just wanted to cuddle up next to me and sleep. So I'm pretty sure that he's totally done.

A few people have asked me if I'm sad or upset about it. Not really. I mean, I was looking forward to tandem nursing when Zy got here in order to help him adjust to having the new baby around... so now I just have to pull other things out of my bag of tricks. But as far as him weaning for the sake of simply breastfeeding is concerned, I'm fine with it. He decided to be done - I didn't force or encourage it. I'm sure that the dry-nursing got old to him after awhile, and if it wasn't for the pregnancy he might still be nursing. But the fact of the matter is that I am pregnant and he seems to have made the transition quite well. So I'm happy. I'm even gonna pull out some of my non-nursing bras from storage in the basement for a couple of months =) And if he wants to try again when the baby is born, that's fine with me, too (though I doubt he'll remember how to nurse by that point).

He's at such a fun age right now. He's trying to repeat everything we say. He thinks peek-a-boo is the funnest thing EVER - he has even learned how to play it with just his hands covering his eyes (but he peeks!). We'll ask, "Where's Robert?" and he'll just start giggling! He spins in circles until he falls over. He bends all the way over on the floor (like he's going to do a somersault) and smiles. He'll come charging at either Geof or I from time to time just to give us hugs and kisses. He'll climb up on the chair next to me just to sit on my lap and cuddle for awhile. He loves stacking blocks (I'll have to post the picture of the tower he made today... I was quite impressed - the first one that has been more than just 2-3 blocks), and he loves his little Haba train/blocks thing from my mom... he gets all excited when he gets the little round blocks on the pegs. He's getting better about letting me read books to him, but he still likes to turn the pages before you finish reading the words on the page (which is pretty hard with board books - there's not THAT many words on a page!). His favorites right now are Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? (he likes trying to make the sounds) and this Baby Moses book that has a hole in it to hang on a door knob. He likes to use the books as blocks, too =) He's even learning to be nice to Patches, but he still likes to chase her sometimes, too. Jessie's favorite thing was how he eats a banana. I give it to him in 2 halves, and he finishes each half in 3 bites... small, small, and the rest - two times! I'll have to try and get that on video to tease him with when he's older =)

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