August 11 2006 19:16 (+ 7 - 3 )
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I took Robert for his 18 month pictures today. He would NOT stay put for anything.

The poor photographer (also named Genevieve) tried so hard to get him interested in any of the toys/props they had there, but he just wanted to run. It's a good thing that we decided that we were only going to get the one pose package - because, regardless of cost, there was only one good picture after all the time I was there with him. I mean, she shot pictures for about 35 minutes... or chased him with me... and she wanted to get their required 6 photos. But after what felt like the 90th attempt at that last picture, I said, "I'm sorry. You're doing a great job, but I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm exhausted from chasing him all over the store. We need to be done now." She could tell I was exhausted, too, because when we sat down to look at the photos, she asked if I even wanted to see the "enhancements." I told her that I realized it was part of her job to show them to me, so I would look at them, even though I wouldn't be purchasing any... and she just let it go (I've NEVER had that happen at Sears). The other Genevieve said that she understood - that the 18 month shoot is usually the hardest one to get them to sit for. Oh how I hope it was and things will get better from here. I don't know if it was that he's 18 months or that Geof wasn't there or some of both, but it's usually not such a struggle. So we got the $10 package (with an additional free 8x10) of the first picture. It's too bad the one of the blocks didn't turn out better... because I hunted out blocks to spell out his name up front. Kinda hard to see since the picture is on the small side here.

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Mom/Busia [ ] August 11 2006 20:32
Rober's sitting there just looking like a sweet angel.
The picture will look good for posterity in his photo album.:-)

Aunt Jessie [ ] August 14 2006 16:46
Check out some cute videos of Robert at

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