Countdown of a Different Sort

July 02 2004 19:36 (+ 7 - 5 )

Yes, I'm counting down to February (I want to hold my baby), but there is another countdown on the way.

I'm am really looking forward to starting a Dynasty on NCAA Football 2005 for the PS2. I can't wait to take my Gators to the National Championship year after year after year. I can't wait to put myself in the backfield. I look forward to putting my brother in the slot. And, as I do every year, I'm make the biggest, meanest, nastiest OLB to bolster my defense. Then, I'll have spots for 66 other players (up from 51) on my roster...who knows, I may create a couple more. I'm gonna rock!

July 13th (or so) it is supposed to hit store shelves. I ordered mine direct from EASports (I get $15 off a month from them, saves money). It should hit my PS2 on the same day.

I can't wait.

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