September 28 2006 21:44 (+ 7 - 7 )
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I still need to get a list of all his new words - and he's getting all 4 of his canine teeth right now (but he's still so good about it). But here's some new news on the boy...

Robert is obsessed with the "tone" (phone). It started on vacation when Dad gave him an old cell phone to play with. Since getting home, he drags his phone (an old, corded phone that we gave him to play with) around, shoving the receiver in your face and saying, "hello... hello" until you say hello. I started playing along that it was different people that he knows, and he has so far told me that "Bapa" (Grandpa) is on the phone. One time when I told him it was Hannah, he kept saying, "Hello? Ah-nah? Hello?"

He's getting really good at eating with a fork. Sometimes I have to help him "stab" the food, but it's great to watch him grow up! I feel like I'm at a really good place with him right now - like I get what he wants and we can communicate somewhat. I'm not getting cocky, don't worry. I have every confidence that as soon as I totally understand him he'll throw me for another loop =)

He has learned to say thank you whenever you give him something or help him with something (other than diaper changes - he still fights those... but he will sometimes say thank you when you put him down when you're done). He says, "do-do" with the right inflection... and he'll keep repeating it until you tell him "you're welcome."

Except when you say, "God bless you" after he sneezes. Then he says Amen =)

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