December 16 2006 01:50 (+ 6 - 3 )
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Fun story from tonight (which is posted in both kiddos journals).

Robert and Mikki got baths at the same time tonight - Robert in the big tub, Mikki in the baby tub on the bathroom counter. When bath was over, Robert was mad because he wanted to keep playing with his stacking cups in the tub. He was having a hard time (he was also really tired), so I decided to bring Mikaela, burrito-babied in her towel, into the bedroom to cheer him up. As I approached him, I saw that he was "playing fireman" - and said to Geof, "He's peeing everywhere" while grabbing a prefold to try and cover him/absorb the puddle that was forming. As soon as I said "peeing," Mikaela let loose as well. She did a better job than Robert - getting the whole front of the drawers on the changing table/dresser, my whole front, and soaking my slipper. They both felt better after that - and I'm afraid of what plotting these two will do against us once they're both fully verbal!

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Lisa [() (link)] February 13 2007 08:46
HAHAHAHAHA!!! i KNEW they were plotting! glad to see you have documented proof.

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