January 19 2007 02:29 (+ 12 - 3 )
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Robert is in this adorable copying stage. It's not totally annoying, repeat everything... but he likes to try and say whatever you just said and do what you're doing.

Aside from repeating words (which come out really cute even though totally wrong... it's time for a new words post), he has been trying to do what daddy does. He has been "leading" Geof in this game at dinner where he opens his arms really wide (and so does Geof), then closes them really fast to a clap (and so does Geof). Repeat over and over with much giggling!

When I was getting dinner in the crock pot this afternoon, he wanted to taste each of the ingredients as I put them in (after repeating their names). He tried garlic, onion, artichoke hearts... he wanted pepper on his cereal (he requests pepper at almost every meal... we're not sure why... so I usually pretend I'm turning the grinder over his food and he's happy). He wanted to taste the wine - so I wiped the drip off the bottle and wiped it on his tongue. When dinner came along and Geof and I had a glass of wine, he wanted his own, too. So I took the bottle into the kitchen where he couldn't see me, got him a big-boy cup (open top - not a sippy), cut open a little white grape juice box and diluted it down with club soda... then returned with the wine bottle and his special glass of "wine."

When I was changing Mikki the other day, she was on the couch with her legs pointing out and I was kneeling on the floor in front of her. Robert grabbed the doll-size cloth diaper and brought it to me. When I told him that was for his baby, he got his baby doll and set it up on the couch next to Mikki... then knelt down on the floor next to me =)

When I'm burping her, he'll come up and either put his hand on her under mine (so I'm actually patting his hand on her back) or else come and pat her back/butt, too, to help.

My favorite, though, is his little praying routine. Some background... we have a family devotional book that we keep on top of the wine rack in the dining room. Each night after dinner, Geof will read that day's devotion. During Advent, Grandpa had gotten the three of us who aren't on a breastmilk diet Advent calendars with pieces of chocolate hiding behind each day's door... and we would open that after the devotion. So Robert will find a book on his shelf - usually his thick board book with some Bible story paraphrases we received at his baby shower, and open it. He'll say, "Book," open it, fold his hands and say "pay" (pray), say "amem" (amen), look at me and say "chock-ick?" (chocolate). He's a smart cookie!

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