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We took the kids to Sears today for Robert's 2 year and Mikki's 3 month photos. I wanted to get one of the two of them together, but as last time, they'd have none of it. Too bad, too... the one pose the girl did was really cute (R on his tummy, M on hers - propped on her elbows over his back). And I really wanted to get a head-to-toe picture of Robert. I took a wise photographer's advice and put him in a white shirt and khakis... but he saw the @#$%^ red car, and that was the only way we could get him to sit even semi-still. All in all, they turned out pretty cute!

(I just need to remember to ask them to remove the car from the room before our next appointment...)


Following pictures, we had lunch at the food court at the mall. We then went to the Butterfly House and let Robert run around for quite awhile... in the 85* room. He ate some dirt (fell in it, actually) and had a wonderful time running up to perfect strangers and hugging them. Our child has no fear... not sure how I feel about that. Thankfully, most of the hugs went to kids and moms... but it was really odd to me. One more reason why we try really hard to not let him out of our site.

I dropped off some formula samples that were sent to me at Alpha Center (our crisis pregnancy center). Then I tried to return some yarn at Hobby Lobby, but when the girl who sold it to me assured me it could be returned as long as I kept my receipt, she failed to mention that the return had to happen within 60 days. They didn't carry the color anymore (so they said... but I didn't have time to run back and look myself), so I still have 3 full skeins of gender-neutral baby yarn. Maybe I will eventually finish the blanket that I started in that color...

We went to Breadsmith to use our BOGO and buy one get one for $1 coupons for February. Geof and I thought there was going to be a fight over the last few loaves of bread there - not with us... just others waiting to get the last couple loaves of a certain bread flavor. All light hearted, though! I ran next door to the natural foods co-op to get some kiddo vitamins for Robert without red dye in them (his face breaks out if the skin comes in contact with it... vitamins, cheetos, popsicles, etc.).

After that, we went to dinner at Famous Dave's. Then it was off to pick up the kitchen and table/chairs for the kids from my mom. Robert fell asleep in the car on the way home after singing to himself in babble for awhile. Geof brought him in, got his teeth brushed and got him changed, and the four of us said bedtime prayers, then he went down to sleep and we brought in the mini-furniture. It was a full - but fun - day!

Here are some pictures of the furniture... I wanna play, too!

As is
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Open doors (there's a drawer below the oven, too)
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Semi-side view
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"Counter top" detail
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Table and chairs (the second one is lined up with the first on the other side of the table)
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Robert received a couple Target gift cards for his birthday, and they each have a couple dollars from grand and great grand parents from Valentine's Day. So that will be the next step - getting some wooden food and some non-plastic pots and pans for them. I'm not rushing to stock their kitchen quickly. I'd rather slowly find good quality stuff for them that will last a long, long time. For now, I have a bunch of kiddo spoons that my mom got on clearance and my smaller Correl (sp?) bowls and plates.

(I'm not sure who all reads these journals anymore, so let me explain the non-plastic thing. I'm not knocking anyone who uses them, has purchased them for their children or as gifts, anything like that. But there have been quite a few studies out that say certain plastics can leach their chemicals over time - especially if these plastics end up being placed in the mouth or holding foods. I'm not too worried about things like Robert's plastic trucks or blocks because they're not (usually) in his mouth. But the chance of play food ending up in his mouth - and Mikki's - is pretty high. Am I being over-protective? Maybe. But if you can't try to protect your kids as best you can... what's the point?)

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Heather [() ] March 02 2007 09:21
I love the kitchen and the table and chairs. They are beautiful and I am sure they will be a family heirloom. As for the plastics-I have read similar things; like don't put saran wrap in the micro. I have stopped microwaving all plastics just in case. You are probably better off finding non-plastic toys anyway as they will leave more to the imagination. The plastic kinds tend to look too real-which squelches the imagination. But that is just the early childhood teacher in me coming out. :-)

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