May 22 2007 16:13 (+ 5 - 6 )
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Robert's first trip to the doctor that wasn't for a well-baby visit.

Robert's first time on antibiotics =(

Today (Monday - I couldn't post last night), Mikki had a doctor's appointment - the main reason for my return to South Dakota right now. Last night before bed, we decided that we should try to get Robert in to be seen today, too, for a bug bite on his hand that's getting weird and a diaper rash that just keeps returning no matter what we do. I got up at 9 to call them, they were able to fit him in at the same time as Mikki.

Robert is 27 pounds (he actually DOES gain weight!) - we never got him measured. Bug bite is ugly (it's getting rings around it and kinda swollen and hard), but it's most likely just how his body reacts to a bug bite - it's the first time he has ever been bitten by something. Diaper rash - one look and the doctor automatically said it looks like impetigo. (No, the line about kids getting it because of unhealthy living conditions doesn't bother me at all... *sigh*) So for the first time ever, Robert is on oral antibiotics. She said how we were treating it (neosporin and desitin) was fine, but since there were as many spots as there were (probably 7-10 spots - two of them are on the large size between a pencil eraser and a dime), he needs to try the systemic antibiotics. I need to call tomorrow, though, because I forgot to ask about him being around mom now. I was told her infection (c-diff) is not harmful unless you're on or recently have been on antibiotics. I need to know how long we have to keep him away from her and what that means for me being around both of them.

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Grandpa [ ] May 23 2007 02:17
Get well soon, Bob-Bob....

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