June 04 2007 18:27 (+ 2 - 9 )
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Well, the augmentin is doing it's thing and causing some diarrhea. While waiting for the doctor to call back as far as whether we should switch his antibiotic (again) or just keep him well hydrated and change him a lot, I thought I'd give him a pedialyte popsicle. I asked him if he wanted a popsicle, and he said...



He now has no problem getting through 1-10 and will often continue through 20 with some prompting. He seems to get stuck on 18 - saying it for every number until you get to 18, but sometimes he does the even numbers only.

He now sings the alphabet, including part of "Now I know my ABCDs" =) He kind of mumbles through LMNOP - this last time it was MMP. Sorry, Auntie Ali - we know that's your favorite part.

We are also totally obsessed with cars right now. We have been collecting a Matchbox car here and there for him since the set that Oma got him in Florida. While cleaning through Busia's basement, I found my old cars, too. So our living room looks like a parking lot right now. He wakes up calling out, "Bah-Bah play cars????" That is also his anthem when he doesn't want to do something else... like get his diaper changed, take a nap or go to sleep.

But the good news is that he is saying "Dane Coo" (Thank you) without being prompted these days. Daddy had purchased a few cars for him while we were in Chicago. When Robert saw them after church yesterday, he kept saying "Dane coo, dane coo, dane coo!" He's getting so big!

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