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I did this post last week in a community of moms who were all pregnant together and due in February 2005. I thought it would be good to post the info here, too.

In the potty training department, Robert will usually tell us he's poopy and wants "change?" - sometimes that he's wet. But "Potty?" just means "let's rush to the bathroom where you'll take off my lower wardrobe, I'll flush the big toilet then grab for my penis, okay?"


So, I don't think potty training is as near in our future as I would like to hope. In his defence, we've been battling a serious diaper rash on him off and on for the last 9 months. He is now on his third course of antibiotics for it after lotrimin, neosporin, desitin, hydrocortisone, constant changes, cloth/sposies/naked time, lots of baths, acidophilus, sacrifices to the gods of gluteus maximums (okay, not really) haven't worked. We know from a culture that was done last week that it's e-coli, so we now have him on the best antibiotic to fight that particular infection and wash his (and our) hands all the time. I know it hurts him - so I don't blame him for not being interested in anything butt-related.

But he's talking up a storm... and we just moved him to the big-boy bed so that Mikaela could use the crib. He's doing great with that, too. He still rips whatever his sister is playing with out of her hands, but he's getting better about picking something else out of the sea of toys to give her after he takes it. He has become a parrot and soaks up the most obscure bits of info around him. Like, Geof took him along while the car got an oil change and tire rotation. Now all his cars have to go up on the couch while they get Oy-yo and wheels off/wheels on. Or when I got in the car after getting a package of tortillas as Sams, he saw them and said, "Taco John's" (a chain taco restaurant here - in which he has never dined). Oh... and when he sees or hears a motorcycle, he says, "Motorcycle insurance" thanks to a Geico commercial. He's starting to show that he has an imagination, too - telling us about what his cars and motorcycles are going to do and what we're (mama and daddy) going to do. He's funny!

He's still a mama's boy. While I love that he loves me, it gets tiring to be constantly the parent he goes to when he wants to be changed, or get a snack, or to hold him when he could walk. I know that he'll eventually get too big for me to do that (either in physical size or in "ew, mama, not in front of my friends, PLEASE!"), so I'm trying to be patient. It's just really hard when holding him means passing his sister off to Geof or the floor... where she'll start screaming because she's in that separation anxiety stage. Don't get me wrong, I'm very good about paying attention to just him. I stagger their naps so that I have individual one-on-one time with each of them, we read books, there are things he's allowed to do that Mikki can't (obviously) and we make a big deal out of it so he knows that he's special. His favorite is that he can have "popsimotorcycles" (popsicles) and she can't. But he's just such a loving and sweet kid. He gives big hugs like he's holding on for dear life... that's my favorite! And he's getting pretty good at anticipating the words we say in our mealtime and bedtime prayers every day. Ooh, and today, he FINALLY sat still long enough for me to get through a couple little books with him... probably about 15 minutes. This is monumental as trying to get through Good Night Moon could take three or four tries in the past. In fact, we have our first case of requested repitition... his Little Golden Book called I'm a Truck . He'll ask me to read it 3 or 4 times a day - sometimes a couple times in a row =)

From his doctor's appointment on Monday (7/16), we know he's 28.25 pounds and 34.5 inches. Still a peanut, but growing! Okay, I've gushed enough about my boy =) Even on the trying days - and there are many - we're so glad he's part of our family!

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