August 11 2007 04:36 (+ 7 - 6 )
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Robert turned 2.5 today! He's such a fun kid - really, he is.

Most of the horrible tantrums for no apparent reason are gone now that he's quite verbal. He's getting really good at saying please (since we often ignore him if he doesn't). He LOVES cars - his matchbox cars, the real cars, the movie Cars, photos of cars, cars on TV... he's still obsessed with oil changes since Geof took him along for our last oil change and tire rotation. He tells us all the time about a car or truck's "black wheels off."

He's also in love with the zoo. Any time we go into the city, he asks, "Bob-Bob see ah-mulls?" He and Geof went 3 or 4 times while I was in Chicago this past trip - we're giving our membership a workout!

We've pretty much stopped trying on potty training right now with all the other stressors in his little life. Between Mama and Kaya being gone for a week each month to a possible move looming overhead, we figure we'll totally let him lead the way if he wants to use the potty right now. Otherwise, we'll wait until things calm down a little more to start actively swaying him away from diapers again.

We think he's going through a growth-spurt right now. He polished off two tilapia fillets this evening, two servings of carrots, a piece of bread, a HUGE cookie (that I made for his half-birthday) and a couple cheerios. He wanted more, but when we could see the veins in his belly through the tightly-stretched skin, we thought it best to hold off =)

He's a great little guy! I can't believe my baby has been out and about and part of our family for 2.5 years already!

I'll update tomorrow with some photos that I took today (he's quite the ham for the digital camera since he gets to see "the Bob-Bob" right away!).

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