Christians are Morons

July 05 2004 14:05 (+ 6 - 4 )

Include the name "Jesus" in what you're saying and what you said is the truth. Talk about God, and you talk about the truth. Seriously, put on the right clothes and talk about God and Jesus and you can just about fool any person.

Case in point was last night. My wife had the laptop on her lap and the TV remote was across the couch from her. Some program we had been watching had ended and a "Christian" program started (I had gone to another room). Perhaps you've seen him. My wife calls him Slater (after the character on Saved by the Bell, to whom he bears a slight resemblance). His name is really Joel Osteen. He likes to preach uplifting, empowering messages (I refrain from calling them sermons). In fact, last night, he was preaching a message that repeated the idea that God will do good stuff for you because of who you are. This flies in the face of what Scripture actually says.

That's the sad thing about the state of Christianity today...well, American Christianity. It was once said that the problem with American Christianity is that it is more American than it is Christian. Anyway, many preachers these days are stuck in the rut of telling the people what they want to hear. They end up justifying the sin that they are in. Think about it...take Osteen's message as an example, because with that thinking, it doesn't matter how bad you've got it or how bad you are, God will still do good stuff to you.

Now, I called Christians morons because they fall for this stuff without checking against the Scriptures. Most likely it's because they don't know how. And they don't know how because they haven't been properly catechized.

If you check out the Scriptures, you would read of the centurion who asked to have his servant healed. You would read of Simon the Pharisee who expected to hear good things about himself from Jesus as his dinner guest. You would read of Naaman the Syrian general who expected to be healed by Elisha because of his status and the wonderful gifts he was bringing for God. Needless to say, the didn't hear what they wanted to hear or otherwise confessed that they did not deserve to have what they wanted.

That brings us to who the people said Jesus was. Some believed he was John the Baptist, others Elijah, still others one of the other prophets brought back to life. They read and heard only what they wanted to hear; they didn't hear the full message. That is exactly what I preached in my sermon yesterday. A sermon, my wife says, which Joel Osteen preached completely against. You can decide by reading it right here.

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