January 13 2008 01:08 (+ 6 - 6 )
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Geof and I put the Christmas tree away this afternoon while the kids were napping. In the middle of that, Geof went to get the mail and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms from the garage pantry. We had a few, we read our mail, and then the two cards and the open bag were left on the window sill while we finished putting away the ornaments and whatnot.

When Robert got up, he noticed that the tree was "away" and then gravitated to the chocolate (he's my son). He said, "Want some?" so I told him he could have a few. Then I started lowering the blinds and the bad of M&Ms and the mail were in the way. I asked him to pick up the chocolate and the mail and bring them to daddy.

He walked across the room and gave the mail to Geof, but he kept the bag of M&Ms. I said, "Robert, aren't you going to give the M&Ms to Daddy?" With the most innocent voice in and extreme cuteness of inflection, he said, "No I not! These need to stay with me!"

I laughed so hard I could barely breathe!

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Heather [() ] January 14 2008 23:43
That is the best story. Don't you just love the things that come out of their mouths? I'm with him-the chocolate would have needed to stay with me too.

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