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See that HUGE chunk that's missing... the info from November 10th through the beginning of this year? Things got busy, then my computer (with my password to this site) died. But I kept up with Robert stories on my other site. Now, I'll post them here.

I'm really tired, so I don't know how many I'll get through tonight. But if not all of them, they'll get finished up in the next day or so.

29 November, 2007
R and M had an appointment for their diaper rash from hades again today... M's first flare, but poor R's 920th at least, I think. They took cultures for everything under the sun and I have to bring them back next Wednesday at 8:30 AM to see the dermatologist when he'll be in. R is 32.75 lbs, M is just about 20, maybe a little under, and "67 inches." Since she's not 5'7", I'm pretty sure the student meant 67 cm (26.37 inches).

[We faced a HUGE storm that knocked out power to our town for the better part of 3 days. So there was no follow up appointment with the dermatologist. However, two rounds of antibiotics for the positively cultured staff infection seemed to clear it up well for both of them.]

8 December, 2007
I made the Everyday Spice Cookie dough last night after the kids were in bed. This evening, I baked a batch while Bob-Bob was in and out of the kitchen. Then he started digging in the drawer with the cookie cutters and found a hand that he wanted to do... so up on the kitchen chair he went to "help." Goodness, a 2 year old's idea of help is very different from mine. He was covered in flour, ate a piece of raw cookie dough (which his anaphylactic egg allergic mama panicked about for awhile... but he seems okay for now), played with the rolling pin, wiped floury hands all over anything in his reach - and had a blast. Since he helped, he got to have a second cookie =)

Geof did take a couple picture for me, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. [Those were already posted a few weeks back.]

Tomorrow afternoon, we're going to decorate them. I'll make up the ornamental frosting in red, green and white. I'll probably do most of the frosting, but Bobs will be set up with sprinkles and colored sugar and do dads for the cookies going to the grands and Auntie Jessie. I even made a few tiny maple leaf cookies for her fiance (the other Uncle Andrew) - since he's Canadian =)

It's going to be messy and stressful, but I'm going to do my best to just remain calm and remember that the bathroom tub is just a quick run through his room from the dining room table!

11 December, 2007
I should be mad at Robert for busting down his baby gate to get out - but I can't be... because he went right to Kaya's room to entertain her. =)

13 December, 2007
In other news... My son can be so cute sometimes! He started singing his numbers to the alphabet song (well, EVERYTHING to the alphabet song) the other day. It kinda sounded like the start of this country song where the refrain is "123 like a bird I sing, cuz you've given me the most beautiful set of wings" Geof would finish off "123" with "like a bird I sing" for a couple days. Now Robert walks around singing "123 like a bwud I sing." So *I've* been finishing it off for him lately. Now when I get to "the most beautiful" he'll often chime in with "set of SWINGS!!!"

There was a baby at story time today - and last week. 3 months old. Robert kept going up to him and stooping down and saying, "Hi, Baby!" Then turning to me and saying, "I said, 'Hi, Baby!'" He was just so enamored with the kid - it was sweet. That, on top of 3 friends from college in the last week announcing they're on baby #3 has not made my baby lust go away any faster.

He's such a skinny little thing. I took a picture of him in my flip flops (size 11 - quite humorous!) the other day and he's only wearing a diaper. I'm pretty sure you can not only count his ribs but see the outline of his internal organs and the food he had for dinner in his stomach. He put on a pair of Mikki's pants (9 month) the other day - other than being a *very* little bit too short, they fit. He's SWIMMING in the 3T sweats I got him last week because they were out of 2Ts. I'm trying to feed him at every possible opportunity. I can't wait until avocado season when they don't cost $1.50 each... there will be guac on everything the boy eats. I'm feeding him cheesy eggs and whole milk whenever I get the chance... the boy just never stops moving!

He colored in a book with black crayon today. The book that the children's librarian passed around after she read it to the group. While she was having the kids color reindeer (and Robert is the eldest of this group - it's for kids 3 and under). She said she should have known better, but I was horrified. I used up over half her gum eraser trying to get the crayon out. Most of it came out, but there were still some visible lines on a baby's face and a white cat.

He likes to sit in the cabinet under the counter where I keep the mixer while I cook. He calls it "the red new car" (minivan). As he's climbing in every time, he says, "See you late-ohw. Be back in free minutes."

When he's not in the mood to be tickled anymore or whatever, he says, "That's enough!"

He's getting to be such a big kid! Even on his trying days, I really am starting to like being around him as a person... not just because he's my kid. Just starting - there's still days I'd sell him to the gypsies if they passed through town, though =)

15 December, 2007
Geof had Kaya give Robert a kiss and took her to put her in her crib. I then got up from the foot of Robert's bed and went to lean over him to give him a hug. I saw him pull something out of his nose and put it in his mouth and start chewing (my stomach is turning right now at the thought). I said, "Did you just eat a booger?"

He said, "Mmm... eat a boog. Eat a boog! It's like a food!"

I'm seriously gagging.

17 December, 2007
Robert was walking around the kitchen while I was putting the bread away. He looked at me and said, "Where's my cheese?" I asked him if he meant that he wanted a cheese sandwich? He just said, "Where's my cheese?" I moved away from the kitchen table and he said, "There's my cheese!" It was a camera =)

I have another - but it deserves its own post.

20 December, 2007
We're now working on the 10 Commandments with Robert, too... First Table (1-3) right now. He gets the simplified version of the first every time and usually without prompting. He almost always says the second commandment is "library" - huh? But when we get him started, he gets it. And 3rd he at least remembers a word. So he knows (in his language)...
1 - No other one gods
2 - Don't (mis)use God's name
3 - Sabbath... or Keep Sabbath holy.

[We're now (22 January) up through commandment 6. They sound like this:
1 - No other one gods
2 - Don't misuse God's name
3 - Keep Sabbaff-in ho-wee
4 - Honor Daddy and Mama (sometimes corrected from Honor Daddy and Kaya)
5 - Don't murder
6 - No uh-daw-twee]

28 December, 2007
Tonight we watched Night At The Museum as a family. There were a few intense spots in the movie. Robert started to get scared and go to the other room, but he kept repeating as he ran away, "Don't be scared... it's not real." I asked him if he wanted to sit in my lap. He practically leapt in from across the room and snuggled.

There's a scene when these little museum figures are sword fighting. He told me that they were playing with "knife-sez."

He no longer says DDD - it's DVD.

His Santa hat that we had from his first Christmas is called "my party hat." Anyone (including Santa) seen wearing one is pointed out that they have a party hat, too!

He loves to tell Kaya what she's doing or what's going on around her - like I do with both of them. This morning, I went to get him right after I got Kaya out of her crib. She was carrying her stuffed cow. He said, "Kaya! You have your cow - that's your cow, Kaya!" When I'm changing her diaper, he'll say, "You getting a green diaper, Kaya - the yellow diaper is all wet." When I gave her a little bit of lower body naked time to air out today, he pointed at her walking around and said, "Kaya's got a butt!"

He loves his Buzz "Right Year" - it goes everywhere he does in the house.

He has been very helpful with kitchen stuff these days. His favorite is to push the diamond (start) button on the microwave.

He doesn't know the difference between his/him and her/s. Everything is her.

He out of the blue signed "more" the other day. I've been playing the baby Einstein DVD in rotation with all the others, but I haven't worked on sign with either of them in forever... so it was quite a surprise!

If he's too quiet, check the kitchen... he's probably sneaking Christmas cookies or chocolate.

We haven't worked on potty training much at all. But last week, after taking a bath and seeing the potty, he said he wanted to use it. First he peed in the tub. Then after I re-rinsed him off, he peed in the potty. Did the big deal, yay Bob-Bob thing. 30 seconds later and 8 feet away in his room, he peed on the carpet. Not so excited about that one, but we just told him to tell us when he needs to go and we'll get him to the potty or put on a diaper. I really wish I could just leave it out in the kitchen or foyer (two other places with no carpet) for him for whenever he wants... but it's Kaya's new fun game to want to put things into the potty and play in there. We have to work something out. At least he's letting me know regularly when he wants his diaper changed.

That's it for this post. I'm going to do a separate post with the other story from December 17th and then one with his new Robert-isms.

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