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This is the other story from December 17th (mentioned in the previous post).

This happened just before the "cheese" incident in the last post.

While I was in the kitchen this afternoon making a sandwich for Geof, I couldn't see what Robert was doing on the other side of the kitchen peninsula. I kept hearing "This came with juice. This came with juice." I thought maybe he had found one of those plastic cups they give kids at restaurants with their drinks or something... I didn't know.


When we were married, my good friend, Matt Frick, gave us this really pretty crucifix. We put it in "the baby's room" when we moved into our house in Marion. That room was just for storage until I got pregnant with Robert. When I painted the room for him with the clouds and hills and everything, I put the crucifix back up on it's nail because that's where it had always been. Plus, it just looked nice there.

As Robert became more aware of his surroundings, he would often point to that crucifix. Geof would occasionally show him the cross when we were praying and starting with the sign of the cross - how we make the same shape on ourselves. When Robert became more verbal, he would often ask me to let him hold it or "touch it" - and I would. He loved having that in his room. He would occasionally talk to Jesus after I left the room - and often when we were going in or out of the room, he'd simply say, "Hi, Jesus!"

Sometime back in Marion when I was tucking him into bed after Geof and Kaya left after prayers, and while he was going through his "wus dat?" phase, he pointed to the little scroll over Jesus' head that says "INRI." "Wus dat?" he asked? So I told him that when Jesus was crucified, they hung a sign over his head that said He was King of the Jews. Robert got all excited about the "juice" part - but I explained I didn't mean apple juice - Jews were Jewish people, like our friend Lisa in Chicago.

While I was making Geof's sandwich, Robert had found his crucifix. He was holding it up and trying to find a place to hang in on a wall (at his height - adorable!). What was he saying earlier?

He was pointing at the little scroll and saying, "This King of Jews. This King of Jews."

There are very few nails or screws in the wall on which to hang things - and since we don't own this home, I don't feel comfortable putting holes in the walls. When I next get a chance to talk to the female owner, though, I'm going to ask her if I can put one nail up in Robert's room because he really wants that crucifix back up.

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Kelli Kramer [() ] January 26 2008 16:44
If you don't want to use a nail you could use a Command Hook. Depending on the how the cross hangs you can either use a picture hanger one or a utensil hook. If there is a hole that goes all the way through it or if it hangs by a rope the utensil hook might work best. We use them all the time and have never had a problem with them. Just make sure you follow the directions on how to take them off and it won't leave and residue. Kara's husband didn't know how to do it and pull one directly off the wall and took the wall paper with it. I think that we've found the utensil ones and for sure Target and possible Wal-Mart.

Genevieve (Mama) [() ] January 30 2008 06:48
Thanks, Kelli. I thought about it - I used those all the time in college and at my mom's house. But we tried it with our (empty) Christmas stocking our first year in South Dakota, followed the directions perfectly, and pulled a section of paint off the wall. Nothing like trying to dig in the outdoor shed in the middle of winter in SD for the matching paint!

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