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Back when Jessie and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I bought a couple packs of Cars underwear for Robert. I kept them aside for when he seemed to be really interested in potty training. He was asking a few times a day last month, then just stopped. I'm not pushing him - I honestly don't have the fight in me and I'd rather just wait until he's ready.

Well, last night we were talking about underwear for some reason or another. I told Bob-Bob that I had some "Wyico Queen" underwear for him, but he needed to go pee pee and poop in the potty before he could wear them. He asked to see them, so I told him I'd show them to him... then forgot.

He remembered about 45 minutes ago, so I went and got them out. I brought a clean diaper for him and a pair of Daddy's underwear so he could see the difference between the thicknesses. He asked if he could put them on, and I said he'd need to go pee pee in the potty if he had them on. So he asked me to go get the potty. Geof changed him out of his dirty diaper and he sat on the potty and peed. So I let him pick out a pair of underwear (he's had on a couple different ones - just to see the pictures) and we put them on. About every minute I've been asking him, "So, what are you gonna do if you feel like you have to go pee pee?" and he'll say something like go to the potty. I asked him a few minutes ago if he wanted his diaper back on, and he said no - he'll go pee pee in the potty. In the 40 minutes I was out there with him and Geof, he would run over to the potty every 5 minutes or so, pull down his underwear and go a little... then pull them back up.

I don't know that he's going to go from not wanting to pee in the potty to not wanting to wear diapers (but he'll get them at night anyway), but I'm just shocked at how this has gone. I know there will be set-backs and puddles, but for now, I'm just in awe!

Edit to add: I left for handbells when he had been in underwear for about an hour and a half. Geof said that he made it about another 20 minutes when he started to pee while playing trains. He said something like Robert realized that he needed to be using the potty, so he got up and ran for it... but peed the whole way there. We're not making a big deal of it... we just have him help clean up any mess and then change him back to a diaper for a bit.

While he was taking his bath tonight (after I had already taken Kaya out of the tub), he stood up and acted like he was going to pee on the shower door. I reminded him that we don't pee on the door... so he got out of the tub, used the little potty, and got back in the tub all by himself!

I washed the new undies to get the factory smell off them. They're hanging to dry right now (I couldn't justify using the dryer for 6 tiny pairs of underwear). They're SO tiny - so cute!

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Brandi Todaro [() ] February 11 2008 03:41
Happy Birthday Bob-Bob!!!!!!

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