June 30 2008 09:35 (+ 5 - 4 )
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I'm pretty comfortable saying that Robert is potty trained. Poop and everything. I'm not saying that he won't have accidents in the future... and one night last week he was so exhausted when he went to bed that I (rightly) predicted that he wouldn't wake up dry. But we've even gotten to the point that we can go out in pull-ups and come back dry. And we brought the potty with us to church today and he used it twice while we were there without having to be asked.

We've stopped giving him stickers for peeing - he stopped asking for them when he went all by himself. We moved the baby gate from his doorway (to keep him in) to the end of the hall so that he can go to the bathroom at any time without getting to the livingroom/toys/tv. He just goes when he has to go, dumps the potty, flushes the toilet and washes his hands without much fanfare. We do have a non-date-specific chart on the door still for the poop-stickers (Bob the Builder... the others were just smilies and stars), but even with that I don't think we'll need it much longer. He didn't even want the second sticker for today - it was a non-issue for him. So most likely, I'll just give him the leftover stickers to use in his coloring book or whatever he wants.

I'm really proud of him! This all happened in about 3-3.5 weeks, and probably would have been 3 even if it weren't for that one really tired night.

And now, Mikaela is going to the potty chair throughout the day, sitting down (in her diaper), getting up, flushing the big toilet and calling me to wash her hands... often followed with "I dah dit!" (I did it!) She doesn't like to sit on the potty without a diaper yet, but we're still being really encouraging of her when she does this. All this is from watching her big brother and best friend - she'd do anything that Bob-Bob does!

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Grandpa [ ] July 05 2008 10:58
BIG BOY, Robert. Grandpa's proud of you.

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