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Okay, I'm a bit behind here... sorry! Robert, Mikaela and I all had doctor appointments on the 14th. Here are the details for the little guy...

Robert, my peanut, weighed in at 33 pounds and 37.75 inches. I asked her if she was concerned about his growth - that I wasn't really, but I wanted her opinion. We got on to talking about some other stuff and she never answered, but since she didn't make a big deal about it, I'm assuming that she is not. I also found out that our area does NOT fluoridate the water, which is THRILLING to me (as there have been a many links in recent medical literature to high fluoride exposure and the possibility of thyroid damage down the road - they already have family history to contend with... don't need additional sources of thyroid damage on top of it).

Then... here's where I became the "bad mom." Not really, but it felt like it. I wanted to wait awhile yet before having the kids tested for celiac. However, with insurance possibly gone soon, I asked her to go ahead and order the test today. I also asked her to do their iron levels (so that they wouldn't have to get poked AGAIN at their WIC appointment on the 29th). She said that since we would be already drawing blood for the celiac panel, she'd have them do the more reliable iron serum level test, as well as the test that does something about how well the body is using the iron that is present (I forgot to write that one down). So, it was off to the hospital (behind the doctor's office) for blood draws.

Oh my. We thought maybe it would be best to have Robert go first. It was now about naptime and we thought getting him done and out to the car (with Geof) to watch a movie might be better than having him sit there and listen to Mikaela scream. Well, we had to go to the ER for the draw (so the kids could lay down for it). I climbed up on the table and laid (layed, lied... I HATE CONJUGATING THAT WORD) down with Robert - basically I pinned down his free arm and had my leg over his to keep him from wiggling too much after the stick. Thankfully, he's used to me laying with him after we tuck him in for prayers, so I just kept talking to him about the new chair he got from Will that looks like Lightening McQueen, and what we built with "megos" (may-goes - what he calls legos), singing the Bob The Builder theme in his ear, telling him how proud I was of him. They didn't get him on the first stick, so we had to change sides and do it all again. Then he FLIPPED OUT when they put a band-aid on him, so they let me take it off and just make sure he wasn't dripping blood - he just has a little bruise on each side now. He kept yelling, "Stop hurting me! You're hurting me! No poking me - it HURTS!" He calmed down a little when I moved my arm so that he could see the blood in the syringe - that he thought was pretty cool, but they still were barely able to get enough for the test. They give the kids teddy bears after having a blood draw, but he wanted nothing of going to get one - he just wanted to get out. Geof was losing it in the hall, I found out from the phlebotomists, because he has some traumatic memories of blood draws and vicious nurses from army hospitals growing up. I mean, he wasn't like running around crying, but he was getting choked up and looking pale. Anyway, when R was done, I held him while they got the paperwork ready, then switched kids with Geof and took Mikaela to repeat the process.

I remember when I had the test done that it can take a couple weeks to get the results back. I also need to check to find out if a negative result (which, for both kids' sakes I'm praying for) means negative-negative or if there's a possibility that their bodies are just too "new" (they're too young) for the test to be 100% reliable.

Robert has become Mr. Super Helper the last couple days - at least for the most part. At both sit-down meals today, I called him to the table and he told me I'd have to wait until he picked up his toys. o_O! I was fine with that - and he did a great job, too! He's still good at harassing his sister and "going pee in the potty" too many times when he wants to stall sleeping, but for the most part he's just a lovable and goofy little man =)

Robert demonstrating that he can stretch tall enough to touch the cow's nose at the Tillamook Cheese Factory
Look, I can touch the cow

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