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We have been looking at bikes for the kids for awhile. Robert needed a 14" bike - an impossible size to find outside of Toys R Us. Seriously, we've been looking for I think over a year - well before Mikaela could even figure out how to pedal a tricycle!

Last night after the curriculum fair, I was exhausted. It was all I could do to stay awake to finish my work. When I was done, I went over to check my email and saw an email from Toys R Us with the subject, "Deal of the Day! Save 25% on ALL Bikes, Sun., March 14th!‏"

Now, I've spent a LOT of time in the car the last few days - I really wasn't looking forward to another long trip to try to find a bike. But I also knew it was the only place to find the elusive 14" bikes, I wasn't going to find a much better deal than 25% off, and as the weather has been getting nicer... we have been wanting to go out biking as a family.

So, I called TRU after church, they did have a 14" bike in stock we were interested in, and we headed out. We put R on the bike and the bike specialist told us to move up to a 16" :/ He explained that while the 14" might fit him very well right now, at 5 he'll be growing more soon and outgrowing the bike within an inch or so. Plus, 14" bikes are not common and you'll pay out the nose for it. He was right - the bike we settled on for Robert before we got there was $20 more than the one he got - with a licensed character and a few little extras compared to the plain one (I can't find online).

Mikaela fell in love with this purple Princess bike - but it didn't come in her size (12"). The one that did was Pepto pink, but she liked it and was happy with it as a second choice. We took the purchase ticket and headed off to let them sit in the power wheels. While I was watching them (and a bunch of other kids) getting in and out, I looked up and saw a purple and pink Barbie bike. Now, I don't like Barbie, but M does (she has one from Auntie Jessie), and I saw it was on sale for $20 less than the Princess one. So I called her over and showed it to her, and she said she wanted that one. I double checked with her and she said she was sure. So we now have two boxes with bikes to put together tomorrow... and we have to purchase a bike helmet for Mikaela. And wait for the snow to stop =) But eventually bikes very similar to these will be in our garage, too - and I found a bike trail just by chance on our way out today, too. I'm excited for spring =)

Robert's bike
Robert's bike

Mikaela's bike
Kaya's bike

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