July 12 2004 15:07 (+ 7 - 3 )
posted by (Stingray)

Today was prenatal appointment number two.

It was exciting anticipating what could be done at this appointment. We were hoping that we would hear our baby's heartbeat. Well, the doctor pulled out the doppler instrument and started moving it around. We heard body sounds, but they were all Genevieve's. That was until the doctor was about to give up. That's when we heard the faint, little "squishy squishy" sound of baby's heartbeat.

That really made my day. Yeah, I got excited. Right now, it's the next best thing to actually being there for when our baby is born. Now, I'm really wanting February to come all the quicker.

Oh, I was able to record the heartbeat on my PocketPC. It records directly to .wav format. I intentionally did so in order that I could post the sounds here. Granted, they are very short, but it is our kid's heart beating. How exciting. Now, before you ask, there is only one heartbeat. Yes, there are two files, only because there are two recordings. As far as we know, there is only one kid in there. Here are the files: file 1, file 2

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Lonnye Sue [() ] July 13 2004 07:14
(angel) Wags is going to town there!

Thanh [() ] July 13 2004 14:12
I'm so excited for you! I've actually been listening to the sound of the heartbeat for about 20 minutes now...such an awesome sound! I thank God that He's blessed you with this baby and I pray that He will help you as you anxiously await it's arrival! Thanks for the updates!

mom [ ] July 16 2004 15:58
Sounds beautiful !:-)

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