July 16 2004 15:15 (+ 6 - 7 )
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We've been doing a little shopping for baby. As many of you know, we'll be cloth diapering, and I've done some sewing of fitted diapers already (basically, they look and work like disposables, except they get washed rather than tossed... I just have to decide if I want them to close with velcro, snaps, or pins). We've also bought some diapers online. But these aren't you're mom's cloth diapers!

The ones that I made were made from a free pattern I got on line - they've been really easy to make and I've used old towels for the soaker in the middle (what holds the pee until the baby is changed) and some $1 Wal-Mart flannel for the body of the diaper... or thrift store flannel sheets/blankets. This pattern is here. These will need some sort of waterproof cover on them... and the choices of those are endless these days as well!

The fancy ones (which my diapering community online calls the "Rolls Royce of cloth diapers" are called FuzziBunz. (This isn't where we purchased them, but this site had a great description and explanation of them.) They are a pocket diaper... meaning that they are stuffed with a soaker of my choice (most likely a prefold... I'll explain those in a second) but the inner layer against baby is fleece - so baby stays drier. The outer layer is a waterproof fabric, so no extra cover is needed. We didn't purchase many of these (5) because they will mostly be used for overnight diapering (or a diaper-pin skittish babysitter).

The ones we ordered last night are the ones that will get used most often... and these pretty much are your mom's cloth diapers. These are called prefolds - they're a basic rectangle shape. Another local pastor's wife recommended the European prefolds over the Chinese prefolds (that's basically your Gerber cloth diapers you can buy at Wal-Mart - just a little sturdier). She said that the Chinese ones fell apart after one child, where the European ones they now use have held up through babies 2 and 3. They are also a diaper service quality diaper - meant to hold up to multiple washings and reused again and again. We ordered them from WeeBees because our friend highly recommended them.

I know, you thought I was going to leave you scratching your head, thinking, "how in the heck does a rectangle get turned into baby underpants?" I'm not that cruel, my friends! Thanks to the power of the internet, there are even movies out there to show you how it's done! Go here to see how it's done... it's the "how to diaper" link. If you're using a dial-up internet service, it may be hard to view - just select the medium link and be patient =)

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Lonnye Sue [() ] July 17 2004 06:57
I am just amazed! No, these are definitely NOT the cloth diapers I used over thirty years ago!!

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