Fight Spam!

July 19 2004 19:44 (+ 10 - 7 )

You may find this little image on the bottom of my pages now (or shortly for some of the other ones). If you have a web page, it's a great idea. Why? Well, robots (that send spam to email addresses they find) like to search all of the links on your pages and follow them. They will follow this link and be in for a surprise.

Go ahead and click on it.

If you were to follow that link, you would find hundreds of fraudulent email addresses. Well, the spam robots see those and automatically send their spam email to it. The neat thing about those email addresses is that their hostname is that of many of the spammers to begin with.

So, what happens is they send an email to an address at their site that doesn't exist. Then, they get a bounce right back to them. This bogs down their system rendering it almost (if not entirely) useless.

This is the equivalent of sending the postage paid envelopes that you did not ask for back to the sender with nothing in it. They're paying postage twice on spam you didn't want! In this case, they would be spamming themselves twice; once to send it out and receive it on their system, a second time for the system to send it back to them saying that address does not exist!

Oh, and for those who may worry about putting their email addresses in the comment forms, there should be none. Pivot masks them so that should robots search the source of these blogs, they would only see ascii code, not actual email addresses, yet the mailto link will still work for regular people.

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