July 22 2004 22:31 (+ 6 - 4 )
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What a day we had! We went to the city, and our first stop was an oil change at Saturn of Hell Sioux Falls. At least they didn't run the car into a wall this time, but they did tell us we needed new tires... so we headed to Sears to see if they had any hairy ones on sale... since ours were just about bald. We were in luck - they did! But then we were left with about an hour and a half to kill while they were installed.

So we hit the mall (with a few bench stops for me) and decided to check out some baby stuff at our JC Penney. As per their usual in Sioux Falls, they don't have any type of furniture there, and there are only so many fuzzy onesies Geof and I can stand to look at. We needed to make a stop over at Target across the street for some me-safe cleaning supplies I had heard about (all natural = safe for me to use without hurting Wags). So we left the mall and crossed one of the busiest streets in Sioux Falls (and mom, I told Geof I would tell on him... he didn't hold my hand all the way across the street! :-) )

While we were there, I convinced Geof to let me play with the laser gun and start a registry for our kiddo. Now don't go rushing over there yet... we just started it!!!! But we (okay, I) have been batting nursery ideas back and forth for awhile, and it was finally settled. Target has a really cute line of classic Winnie the Pooh, and we both liked it (you weren't there for registering for the wedding - we made it out okay, but we were definitely filling two different houses in our heads!). Plus, the great bonus is that it is something that is still very neutral - and since it's a "classic" (read, not Sponge Bob or Dora the “Explora”) it will last through more than one kiddo. And overall, it was a lot of fun - and I got to shoot at Geofy with a laser gun a lot =) We still haven't done anything important - like a car seat - but that wasn't something we felt comfortable flying by the seat of our pants - I want to check Consumer Reports for info on stuff like that.

After that fun was over, we went back through the mall to Sears to get our car, and finished up our shopping in the city. When we got home, we made Sam's Club pizza - and it was only after eating a slice that I remembered that "white stuff" was cheese... aka a dairy product. So we'll see how the night plays out.

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Lonnye Sue [() ] July 23 2004 20:52
YAY! It's shoppin' time!

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