Planned Changes

July 23 2004 00:17 (+ 6 - 7 )

Let's just say that in the coming days, should I find the time and desire to go through it all, the site layout will be improved again. I've found a way to make things look cleaner. The neat thing is, this change works in BOTH Mozilla and Internet Explorer, so I may be able to do away with the "IE Friendly" version of my journal.

Right now, things are in the testing phase, so it may take about a month for the changes to be realized...

three comments:

Stingray [() (link)] July 23 2004 13:11
Well, if you've seen the pages, you would have seen the new "clean-ness." Unfortunately, the desired changes did not affect the need for an IE Friendly version of the pages, so such a version still exists. I don't understand why the right column in the Pivot stuff likes to jump into the center column and why there is a horizontal scroll bar in the Pivot stuff, yet if I make a right column on a regular page, it stays where it is supposed to stay and there is no horizontal scroll bar (even in IE). These problems do not exist in Mozilla or other browsers.

Oh, and look for the changes in the other documents to progress slowly.

Stingray [() (link)] July 23 2004 13:35
AHA! I found out about the scroll bars AND the jumping column. Now that I know, be sure to see the end of the IE Friendly version (because the entire site will be IE friendly) when all the changes are said and done!

Stingray [() (link)] July 23 2004 17:30
Okay...I've done a bunch of the changes I had mentioned. I'm kinda tired of staring at a html, php, css, and js code on the computer screen, so I'm going to stop for the day. Soon, however, I'll be making the last few changes that will rid me of an IE Friendly version of this site. Don't worry, for those IE visitors that are used to seeing things where they are, you'll easily find them in their proper places once the changes have been made.

All for now!