Tour de Lance

July 24 2004 19:43 (+ 8 - 5 )

Is any one else laughing at all the headlines?

Seriously, with each passing day, each stage win (or stage performance), Lance Armstrong seals his 6th straight Tour de France win. It's hilarious. Well, his 6th win wouldn't be, but the reporting is.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am cheering for the man. I certainly hope he wins.

What gets me is...the reporting. Was it a week ago when Lance won his first stage of this Tour? Ever since then, the headlines over at ESPN have been the same: "Lance Armstrong Seals 6th Tour de France Victory" (or something like it). With each successive stage completed, they state the same thing. It's almost as if the seal from the previous stage completion wasn't good enough, so Lance had to reseal it. Even more funny is that Lance is quoted to say the same thing in just about every article (or the author him/herself articulates it for us): barring an incident or a miracle, Lance Armstrong will win his 6th straight Tour de France.

I'm willing to bet people are stupid enough not to catch it, either. Seriously, ESPN, we get the picture!

What it does for us is end the Tour before its time. If anything, I've lost all interest in following it. If it weren't for the "Lance Seals Win" glaring at me in the headlines section, I wouldn't care anymore.

Anyway, am I the only one who thinks this is funny?

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