Peace Protests are Funny

July 25 2004 18:05 (+ 6 - 7 )

"What do we want?!?!"


"When do we want it?!?!"


How do you plan to get it? That's the real question, isn't it?

Truthfully, how do you plan to get peace? Peace protests have to be the most asinine and hypocritical protests there are. First of all (despite the fact that they can call their protest "peaceable"), in order to protest something, you're causing a stir, disturbing someone else's peace. Second of all, if all you mean by peace is an end to war, it will never happen! Third of all, if all you mean by peace is an end to war, that peace couldn't last long.

Peaceable demonstrations are not always exactly that. Now, I don't mind if people protest, but I have my right to peace and privacy, too. If you were protesting outside of my hotel room, I would have to respectfully request that you go somewhere else. If it happens to be a peace protest and I am asked why, what would happen if I said "because I want some peace"?

An end to all wars is a nice thought, but let's be realistic: wars will not cease on this side of eternity. You can protest all you want about our involvement in a war and hope your message is heard, but protest all you like about Out-there-land and Someplace-else-country fighting, it won't mean a thing. Besides, as long as there is stuff to agree AND disagree on, there will be wars.

Finally, and this is the important one, so we back out of a war...we might end up right back in one once we're attacked again. This is more true now, considering what and who we are fighting, than in previous eras. As long as we are taking the fight to terrorists and those that support and harbor them, they are too occupied to take the fight here. In a way, that war is giving us peace us enough peace for demonstrators to protest against that very same "war" giving them peace.

Anyway, how does one bring about peace? A retired general once answered that question: "Quick, decisive, unilateral force." Yes, a war! Sometimes, you have to bully people around to bring them to their senses. Negotiations and sanctions are all well and good, if they're effective. But when they're not, drop a bomb, kill all the baddies, and they won't be around any more to cause any trouble, hence, peace!

I think I've said enough...time to go to a wake (at least someone knows true peace)...

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