Double Talking Dems

July 28 2004 21:05 (+ 9 - 2 )

For anyone bored enough to be watching the Demoncratic (intentionally mispelled) National Convention may have noticed some of this. The dems are double talkers, generally misinformed, or blantantly naive. Case in point are some of the things I found.

First of all, there was talk of job outsourcing. Job outsourcing, from our point of view, is American companies that jobs in foreign countries. At the DNC, they spoke about the evils of it. To that, we wonder:

Why not challenge Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose company has 57 foreign plants? Why not ask which party supports the three things that force companies to flee overseas: high taxes, suffocating regulation and excessive union demands?

Of course, they didn't stop there:

Others complained about our dependence on foreign oil and high healthcare costs. Again, which party refuses to allow domestic and offshore drilling? Which supports such severe standards on our own oil that we cannot use it and must sell it to other countries? Which is it that opposes medical tort reform that would reduce malpractice suits, and counts trial lawyers among its biggest donors?
Probably the most popular rant was that President Bush has alienated our allies and launched a ‘unilateral,’ pre-emptive war. Why don’t Democrats understand the meaning of the word unilateral? Why are they insulting the many countries who have stood strong with us? Do they not remember the fourteen months the President spent pleading his case before the U.N., after which that worthless body refused to act on the “serious consequences” it threatened in the unanimously passed Resolution 1441?

It would seem that the best spin doctors at work are at work for the demoncrats. I mean, they can say anything and people believe it blindly. They can rewrite definitions--like 'unilateral' and 'censorship'--and people believe them.

And really, who do they think they're fooling when the say time and time again we went into Iraq alone. Do they not remember Britain? What about Korea? Oh yeah, and there was Japan! We can't forget Poland. What about the Philippines? I know there are others I have neglected to mention. The international community was not left out, except those that didn't want in, and because of that (because of France and Germany), we're the evil ones. Sometimes, I just don't get it.

Now, I want to clear some things up. I know there will be spin doctors at work at the RNC, too. I know there are people who follow everything they say blindly, who believe all that comes out of their camp as Gospel truth. And just so you know, I won't be watching any of it, either.

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