How John Kerry as President Frightens Me

August 04 2004 20:48 (+ 12 - 10 )

If voted into the presidency, John Kerry would be the military commander-in-chief. He would be the "last man standing," as it were, in the chain of command in the military. I can't say I have any confidence in a man who is ashamed of his military career serving as the commander-in-chief.

But some may point out that Kerry actually uses his "stellar" performance in Vietnam as a positive influence on his campaign. To that, I point out two things.

First is the fact that he can't get his story straight. He threw away his medals or ribbons or both or he threw away someone else's or he just pretended to throw his away (yeah, real proud military man there). And if he's so proud of his time in the military (as he claims) why is he now claiming that and not when he sat in front of whatever committee he testified to and lied about all the horrors and abuses he witnessed his compatriots committing.

Second would have to be what his compatriots are saying about him. Check out Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. There are movies there of ads they are running as a campaign against his election (not officially supported by President Bush).

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Dad [ ] August 05 2004 04:18
He wouldn't be ny CinC...I wouldn't claim IT....