What a Feeling...Revisited

August 19 2004 12:15 (+ 8 - 7 )

Well, this past week my family was up visiting from Florida. We had a great time, visited many places, and overall enjoyed the company. Then, it ended, and a familiar feeling returned.

It was nice to host my family as they visited South Dakota for the first time. Aside from all the wonderful things they brought, bought, and did for us while they were here, it was simply great to see them and be with them again after such a long time.

Oh, and did they ever bring, buy, and do stuff for us. We arrived home from the airport (and events in the city) loaded with chocolate. We now have so much candy in the house, it will last us over two years (for sure). We also came home with a receipt for a dishwasher. Yes, we have a dishwasher! We have been looking to get one for a long time, now. Surprise, mom and dad bought one for us! We're are still, today, in a state of shock. Oh yeah, what they did for us...there were two nights when we ate home-cooked food; both times, mom cooked German foods (yummy).

While they were here, we headed west. We visited the badlands, Deadwood, a cave, and Mt. Rushmore. It was good to get away for awhile; better since we were doing it was family. I've taken some pictures, and some of them will be posted one of these days.

Now, they're gone. They left yesterday. After dropping them off at the airport, we took care of some things around the city before heading home. When we got home, I had this eerie feeling. Besides the fact that we were both tired, not wanting to do anything, to me, it felt like I had just been dropped off at college for the first time. It felt like that because we had all this stuff all around that needed to be put up, yet we were in no mood to do was like when I had been moved into my dorm room...I had all the stuff I wanted there, but did not feel like putting it in its proper place when I was first there.

Now, we miss them again. It was fun to have them here, and we look forward to seeing them again, perhaps at the Baptism of our first child. Now, it's time to try to get back into our normal routine.

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mom(stella) [ ] August 21 2004 09:03
:-) You'll have great memories of this past week long after the last bite of those delicious chocolates. You'll appreciate the dishwasher each and every day.
Most of all, I hope your family is back in Marion for the baby's Baptism.