Kerry Really Pisses Me Off!!

August 25 2004 22:23 (+ 8 - 10 )

Bush is smearing him, he claims. Bush's campaign is involved with the Swift Boat Veterans' 527 group, he claims. He's full of himself; but then, we know that already given as he is trying to flaunt those purple hearts, which he allegedly didn't earn in an honorable manner.

Now, there are cries from Kerry supporters for Bush to condemn the Swift Vets. He shouldn't have to. Mark my words, any lack of condemnation from the Bush camp will be used as "evidence" by the Kerry camp that he and the Vets collaboarted (along with the other straws they have been grabbing). In fact, as I recall, the Bush camp actually put forth an idea to eliminate all 527 ads (either altogether or within a certain time from the election...I cannot remember which), but that would mean eliminating the anti-Bush ads, and Kerry couldn't have that.

So, the Kerry camp continues with their baseless accusations that the Bush camp has broken the law by collaborating with a 527 group. The Kerry camp continues to cry foul, saying the Bush camp is smearing Kerry. Well, strike one, Kerry camp, legal experts are saying the shared comrades between the Bush camp and the Swift Vets is perfect legal. Strike two, Kerry camp, the only smearing I am hearing is from you! Really...every "I'm George W. Bush, and I approve this ad" ad I've seen heralds the leadership quality, decisiveness, and morals of Bush, as well as all of the good things he has done (like the Afghanistan and Iraq at the Olympics ad...nice one).

You know...this is a microcosm of what is going on here in South Dakota. We have a pretty heated race between John Thune and Tom Daschle. Tom is levelling accusations of attack ads against John Thune. There are attack ads against Daschle, but they are not approved by John Thune. Such lies and deception from the Demoncratic Party; it really pisses me off.

Well, I hope strike 3 comes on election day (for both Kerry and Daschle). Strike 3, and they're out; Kerry would not be in (hence, out of) the White House, and Daschle will be voted out from his Senate office. This will be a better world without either of those jerks serving this country.

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