Sad Day

September 03 2004 22:01 (+ 4 - 12 )

Trophimus is dead.

Okay, its backlight is dead.

My PocketPC, which I have often referred to as my brain, and which has served me well for over 3 years, no longer functions properly. Sure, in the correct light, I may be able to see what my screen shows. When connected to my PC, I can run a program that displays my PPC screen on my desktop. But as for the purpose for which I originally bought it, it no longer works.

There may have been a day a couple of years from now when I would have replaced it anyway. At that time, my wife would have gotten Trophimus; she has asked for it. But now, no one will be able to use it unless I can get the backlight fixed/replaced cheap.

Now, the type of PocketPC I am looking at to replace Trophimus is a Toshiba e750/e755 or e800/e805. I'll be able to use the CompactFlash cards I already have. The e800/e805 has 4 times the memory (while only two times more on the e750/e755). They both have two expansion slots, so I could use SD Memory, too, if I wanted to. What's more, both have integrated 802.11b, so they'll be able to connect to our home network and share the internet connection.

I'm going to miss Trophimus, though...

three comments:

wifey [ ] September 04 2004 17:20
I'm going to miss him, too.

Sad, sad day.


wifey [ ] September 04 2004 17:21
That wasn't the face (or as it showed up, faces) that I picked...


Stingray [() (link)] September 04 2004 18:04
Well, I've finally bought it. Trophimus' replacement should be here between September 11 and 14.

Check out what I got:

Now, I just need to decide on a name for my new device. As has been my standard, it will be a name from the Bible that begins with a T. Current front-runners are Tertius, Tryphena, Tidal and Tabeal. An explanation will follow.