Trophimus' Replacement

September 04 2004 18:05 (+ 7 - 10 )

I've ordered a Toshiba e805. You can view my purchase here.

Now, I wish to poll what to name the computer.

It has been a convention of mine to take a name from the Bible that begins with a T and use that for my computer(s). My first computer (that I was able to name) I called Tychicus. When I got my first PocketPC, I called it Trophimus (the two names are almost always seen together when they appear in the Bible). When I got my Sony computer, I named it Thaddaeus, after one of the Apostles. Finally, our laptop was named Tryphosa, in honor of an early deaconess of the Church. Now, I need a name for my new PocketPC. Here are the choices (please, vote):

(2 votes) Tertius is a Latin name that means third. This would actually be the third PocketPC or PocketPC-like device I have owned/will own. He is the amanuensis of Paul in writing to the Romans (Romans 16.22).

»Tryphena or Tryphaena
(10 votes) She is also a deaconess of the ancient Church. Tryphosa (the computer) is a Toshiba, this PocketPC is a Toshiba, so why not, right (Romans 16.12)?

(6 votes) The 'i' in Tidal is short (as in Tigger). It means "great son." This "son" of Trophimus is greater than his father... (Genesis 14.1, 9).

(3 votes) This name means "God is good." I guess I just sought an excuse to get a new PocketPC; I got one in needing to replace a busted PocketPC (Isaiah 7.6).

(7 votes) I've added this one because it means "intelligent." I've often referred to my PocketPC as my brain, and I don't intend to stop when the new one comes (1 Kings 16.21, 22).

So, there you have it. Which one is your favorite? Who knows, I may go with the one that has the most votes. Just remember, I'll name it as soon as I get it; which should be some time between September 11 and 14.

two comments:

wifey [ ] September 04 2004 22:15
You had to know I'd vote for the deaconess, right?:-)

mom(stella) [ ] September 05 2004 09:20
I voted for the deaconess name along with your wifey. Maybe that might encourage more ladies to become Deaconesses.