One, Two (Three?) Punch

September 05 2004 23:15 (+ 14 - 9 )

Hurricanes Charley and Frances have devasted much of my former home state. I still have close ties to Florida, as much of my family still lives there. This may go down as the most expensive one-two hurricane punch of all time. Charley's abnormal course and Frances' slow movement aided in this.

What concerns many people, including myself, is that a third punch is waiting in the wings. Hurricane Ivan is in the Atlantic and is projected to make its way toward Florida. By the time it reaches the Peninsula, the experts predict it will be a category 4 hurricane. It is predicted to impact the Bahamas and Florida at about the same places as Frances has/is.

There's something we can do to help. Cleanup and repair cost money. Housing the homeless victims costs money. Feeding those who have no power costs money. You can donate. Please, find a way you can lend your aid. If you're in the area or close, pitch in with some man hours, if you can spare some. If you have the financial means, donate through whichever organization you wish. In any case, lend your moral support and pray.

My suggestion for financial support should be directed to LCMS World Relief's Hurricane Charley Fund. Information in that link will give several options for sending money in order to aid Bahamans and Floridians in relief and recovery from these two (three?) storms. Please consider a donation if you are able.

two comments:

mom(stella) [ ] September 06 2004 17:43
Thank you for reminding us all to do something.

Dad [ ] September 06 2004 20:54
thanks for the thought...we made it thru ok....a lota rain/wind, some branches down. Tampa folks survived with only G=parents losing power overnight.