A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

September 07 2004 23:25 (+ 4 - 7 )

It kind of makes you think, does it not? Who would our enemies vote for (assuming they could vote)? Why?

Perhaps it's because he wants to bring in a "coalition" that supports our enemies (ahem, France).

Perhaps it's because he would act reactively to terrorist acts instead of taking the fight to know, keep them occupied off of our soil!

Perhaps it's because they think he's a nicer guy; well, I hope they don't like our president since they are our enemies.

Perhaps it's because they'll assume that, if in power, he'll do more for their cause than they could back home (cf., his post-Vietnam testimony before Congress and the effects it had on the Viet Cong torture of his "comrades" back in country).

Do you get the feeling that John F. Kerry as president sickens me?

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