Mommy's Journal

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What is it?!?!?!
21 May 2005 22:13

I don't know if Robert's teeth are really starting to hurt him or what is going on. He's crabby, then he's laughing... he'll eat for 10 seconds, cry, then lunge at me to eat again. We can't get him to nap much at all, and when we DO get him to finally fall asleep from exhaustion, he wakes up freaking out because he's been sleeping and might have missed something (?). The two elder Wagners in this house are starting to lose their minds!

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3 months (5/10/05)
11 May 2005 00:25

I won't do the typical "Where did the time go?" I mean, I don't know where it went, but you get sick of hearing that ;)

To see the pictures of Robert we had taken yesterday at Sears, please email.

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Rest in peace
10 May 2005 23:47

One of Robert's Great-Grandmothers (my Busia) passed away this morning. We will miss her, but we are rejoicing with her that her suffering is over, she is resting in her Lord, and after 29 years she is reuinited with her beloved Valentine! (more)

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Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
08 May 2005 23:56

That's been Robert's vocabulary lately. It's really cute - and he talks non-stop once he gets on a roll. He's also been doing that cute baby screech since yesterday (May 7th)... a perfect Mother's Day gift!

He's getting really strong. He'll "stand' for a bit just holding on to your fingers (you have to help him get upright, first - he's not pulling up) - and if you balance him against the back of a (soft) chair or leaning toward something his height (the foot stool) he can stand without other human assistance for 45-60 seconds.

And he's really got the rolling over from tummy to back down. He now flips over within a couple seconds of being put down on his belly! It's a lot of fun in our house these days!

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More pictures of Robert
(Hey Aunt Jessie - this is for you!)
04 May 2005 23:17

Okay - no fancy editing or anything on these - and I'm sure that Geof will eventually put most - if not all - of these into an album. But here's what I just posted for some of my friends to see. It's pictures from the trip to Chicago and then some more since we've been home. (more)

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What are these things at the end of my arms?
02 May 2005 00:24

Those are your hands, son... and you seem to have a pretty good grasp on how to use them (pun intended). (more)

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