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New pictures
29 June 2006 22:17

We needed to take and/or order more pictures from Sears in order to keep all our online pictures viewable. So we did the cheapy package today while Geof and Robert were being cute together =)

We only ordered the second photo (the one of them together on the white background - horizontal), but they all turned out pretty good. Thought you'd like to see them!

Here's the link.

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More molars and other stuff
27 June 2006 20:51

Tooth 11 (Robert's lower left molar) is finally all the way in, and there's a HUGE bump in his mouth where the lower right one is coming in. I'm hoping that's why he's been psycho baby again today.

We got him a kiddie pool for the backyard. He's really funny in that he doesn't want to sit in the water... unless daddy's holding him down and "swishing" him back and forth. He likes to do that in the bathtub, too, if we don't have him in his bath ring.

He now knows most of his body parts (that we've covered... eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, toes, feet, hands... sometimes fingers and hair). He still gets a little confused as to what belongs to him, though (like, we'll ask him, "Where's your nose" - and he might point to daddy's nose) - but he get's the right part.

He has a few new words, too... but right now the only one I'm remembering is "shoe." We're also re-teaching "baby" by pointing out babies on TV or in pictures, as well as pointing to my belly. *Edit to add - tickle is a new one, too - end edit*

He's also been eating up a storm again. He's got a little bit more baby chub on him (we can't currently count his ribs... thank goodness). But that usually just means that he's gearing up to grow another few inches. He's still falling out of his swim trunks =)

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Finally alone
16 June 2006 20:18

A friend of mine had offered that I could drop Robert off and go spend some time by myself. I took it one step farther and asked Geof to come along. While it wasn't the longest "date" in history (we went to a Christian bookstore that has a soda fountain and had ice cream and [I had] coffee - then to a furniture store to start looking at chairs), it was the first time Geof and I had been alone before bedtime since our trip to Florida when Robert was 6 months old.

My friend gave us a C- for being gone less than an hour. But it was nice to know that Robert was in capable hands and we were able to just be a couple. We've had offers from a couple other people willing to watch Robert - and we'll take them up on it, too. Many of the others are so busy though, and with Geof's job we never know that far in advance if we'll have "that evening" free long enough in advance to book those sitters. But we'll keep trying!

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Oh what a toddler!
14 June 2006 22:19

Robert can climb. Oh... how he can climb. I'm... I'm losing my mind. He's also fighting sleep like nobody's business. Geof actually blacked out the windows in his room with foil yesterday. We'll see...

In happier news:
Robert has learned the joy of spinning in circles and getting dizzy =)
He can kick a ball. He did it accidentally today, but then was so pleased with himself that he kicked it 3 or 4 more times down the hall.
He loves my floppy hat. It's kind of cowboy hat shaped, but not really. He's adorable with it on his head and spinning in circles! I'd take a picture if he wouldn't rush headlong for the camera as soon as he hears it turn on!

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Ducky Butt
05 June 2006 22:15

As many of my cloth diapering mama friends can tell you, I don't get into the cutesie, spendy diapers. To me, they're portable toilets.

But I saw this one WAY before Robert was born, and I've debated long and hard about spending the money to get it. I finally did. (more)

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Tooth 10
03 June 2006 15:16

Robert's upper right molar finally finshed coming through last night/this morning. Three points had been through for about a month, but he was gnawing on one of his bath letters yesterday in the tub, got it all bloodied up, and knocked that last point through.

He's dangerous, I tell ya! =)

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Stacking Things
01 June 2006 09:14

Robert took the three circles (well cylinders) from his shape sorter and tried to stack them in a tower. He got two, then the third one knocked the tower down and he laughed and walked away. But it's the first time he actually tried to stack them. Normally he knocks down the towers I make for him =)

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